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Our offer

Our team:

Adriana Uznańska

DVM, internal medicine and neurology, ECG
Ava Sawaszkiewicz
DVM, surgery and orthopedics
Urszula Bartoszuk-Bruzzone
DVM, PhD, cardiology, echocardiography
Anna Zlot
Igor Bissenik
DVM, PhD orthopedics
Magdalena Rybnik
DVM, interna
Kinga Sidor
DVM, interna


In our work we strive to prevent diseases by prophylaxis and early diagnosis.

In the case of chronic diseases we are always with our patients, ready to help in many areas of therapies. The well-being of our patients is the most important task for us.

In our offer you will find:

- Prophylaxis (vaccination, deworming, protection against fleas, ticks and periodical examinations aimed at early identification of diseases and implementation of treatment)
- internal medicine
- cardiology
- neurology
- dermatology
- dentistry
- Obstetrics with gynecology
- surgery , orthopedics

Additionally we offer you the establishment of passports and chips and consultations connected with the export of animals abroad

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