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Types of treatments

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Rehabilitation is a very important step in getting back to health and physical function of animals which have undergone operations or have had orthopedic or neurological trauma.

Physiotherapy can also help:
- Obese animals return to ideal body weight
- Old animals in maintaining good mobility and pain control
- Working dogs (agility, obedience, sporting, obedience, hunting dogs and sled), which often come through it quicker to form after injuries, and training on an underwater treadmill helps them raise the level of efficiency, eg before the competition
- Animals who are suffering, which allows to control pain without giving powerful drugs

Rehabilitation program is created individually for each patient after getting familiar with diagnosis made by leader doctor.

Types of treatments:


Water therapy. Underwater treadmill exercise improves strength, muscle endurance, cardio-respiratory, range of motion, agility and well-being. All this while minimizing pain.


The treatment consists in applying a magnetic field of variable frequency and magnetic induction of 0.5-10mT. It is used to treat osteoarthritis, accelerates wound healing, improves circulation, reduces inflammation.


The element of physiotherapy which stimulates the muscles with the use of electric current. The aim is to alleviate pain and improve blood supply of tissues stimulated. Accelerates the absorption of intra-articular edema and exudates, stimulates nerves and muscles.


Treatment of laser radiation, which lead to increased energy intensity to the deeper tissues. Rays reach tissues located up to several centimeters from the surface of the skin. It has analgesic, antispasmodic, antioedematous action, reduces inflammation, accelerates the regeneration of tissues. Animal Center has modern equipment including laser equipped shower with a probe that allows for a more effective therapy.


Treatment with ultrasound, which allows heating of tissues up to 3 cm into the animal's body.


The use of high and low temperature in the treatment of soft tissue injuries and joint’s pain, especially to relieve pain, changes in physiological processes important in tissue’s repair process and influence the plasticity of the connective tissue, including: muscles, tendons, ligaments and joint’s capsules.


Healing method used for over 4000 years, also in the treatment of animals used in musculoskeletal disorders and pain management.

Therapeutic massage and relaxiation massage

The massage acts from the relaxant effect or as a preparation for training, through the pain relief. It improves blood and lymph circulation and also helps with reducing muscle tension or stretching of tissues with postinflammatory changes.

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